We care for the people who are underprivileged in the society in the form of conducting free medical camps, distributing medicines to the poor people, participating in social awareness programs on Hypertension, Diabetes, and Nutritional care etc.

As a part of CSR in view of increasing global warming, we took an oath to save trees, and started minimizing paper usage and shifted towards using soft copies and minimized 50% of paper usage. We are committed to our oath.


In the view of the increasing global warming, we take an oath to minimize the paper printing preventing classical waste and started using soft copies as a part of our corporate responsibility in saving trees on the globe. We are committed to our oath.



Our CSR is focused on the poor patients who are suffering from cardiac & diabetic problems and we cater free medicines conducting medical camps at various places and serve the people who cannot afford to buy their medicines. Our diabetic and cardiac camps are helping many people every year.

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