A New Generation organization

Medi-chem Pharma commenced its business in 2003 serving millions of patients across India with high-quality and trusted medicines in most economic and affordable range to patients suffering from all sorts of diseases. Headquartered in AP state, Vijayawada, our portfolio has more than 40 products covering the whole spectrum of disease areas especially cardiovascular, pain management, gastroenterology, nutritional, and diabetic management.

We care your Heart

With a massive production of entire range of cardiac drugs, the company has significantly grown its portfolio of products across specialty therapies such as beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, ARBs and statins. With this, we are endeavoring to make people free of heart diseases.

Creating New Heights in Diabetic care

We extended our wings to fulfill the health needs of diabetic patients also. Diabetes is not a disease, it is a life-style disorder and if not treated properly it will trigger so many health hazards like diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, and many other micro and macro vascular complications.

With most economic and affordable to all people, we have come with Sulfonylurea drugs, biguanide, and with combinations of alphaglucosidase inhibitors which are most essentially needed for treating pre-diabetic to severe diabetic range.

Robustly Rich in General Health Care

Besides cardiac and diabetic care, we also have general range of pain killers Aceclofenac, PPI rabeprazole, Methylcobalamine, & Multivitamins to meet the multifarious health needs of all sorts of patients.

“Put your dreams into action..
then only they become true”

- I.S.Rao, CMD, Founder